Editorial of the Newsletter Nº 1

When talking about the foreign policy of Argentina, there are not few that indicate that in reality the same one has not existed; at least as a body of postulates and coherent interest maintained throughout the time. That is to say, that there were fundamentally decisions and positions adopted by each government and that those were not continued, except with rare exceptions, by the administrations that follows.

Nevertheless, if the analysis is deepened a little, one will see that, although not always one can find a coherent development in the international driving of Argentina, is possible to be rescuing a series of different tendencies, constants or variables that authors consider they repeat in the evolution of our foreign policy.

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Articles and authors of this edition

* “The Political Failure of the Mar del Plata Summit”. By Jorge Castro. Vice-president of the Argentine American Dialogue and President of the Institute of Strategic Planning.
* “"Argentina in a crossroads: Which Direction?”. By Jon E. Huenemann. Former Assistant U.S. Trade Representative in the Executive Office of the President with responsibilities in the Americas.
* “The Foreign Policy of the U.S.A.: Unilateralism, Multilateralism and the use of the Force ”. By Giovanni Jannuzzi. Former Ambassador of Italy before the NATO, and former Ambassador in Buenos Aires. Member of the Council of Advisers of the Argentine American Dialogue.
* “The United States of America: The Model is perfected”. By José Ignacio García Hamilton. Lawyer and Social Doctor in Laws and Sciences, journalist and writer. The present text constitutes part of the chapter 5º of the book "Why the countries grow?, of next appearance in bookstores.
* “The United States and Latin America”. By Arturo Valenzuela. Undersecretary of State for inter-American Issues during the first government of president Bill Clinton, professor of Georgetown.

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