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Legislative Powers
"Energy Cooperation in the Western Hemisphere: Benefits and Obstacles"

Our Fundation and the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), carried out a debate table to speak about the subject "Energy Cooperation in the Western Hemisphere: Benefits and Obstacles " .

The activity, headed by Dr. Sidney Weintraub, took place the 13 of December in the Ramella Hall of the Senators Chambers Annex of the H. Congress of the Nation (ex- National Box of Saving).

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"The importance of Free Trade

The Dialogue organized four activities with Ambassador Myles Frechette, over the roll of the free trade in the devolopment of the nations.

Ambassador Frechette, between other important positions, was President and CEO of the Americas Society; Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa ; Special Coordinator for the Santiago Summit of the Americas; and Ambassador to Colombia.

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"The U.S. Mid-Term Elections", Digital Video Conference

Our Fundation and The United States Embassy hosts a digital video conference with Antonio Gonzalez, President of the Southwest Voter Registration Education Project (SVREP) on September 26, 2006.

The activity took place in the North American Embassy and had the objective of discuss about the elections of next November 7 in the United States, and on the political latin influence.

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Regional Forum on International Security and Organized Crime

The Argentine American Dialogue Foundation, the U.S. Embassy and the Fundar Foundation co-sponsored a very important activitie on International Security and Organized Crime.

The forum, that counted with the presence of more than 250 people and numerous mass media, was developed the Monday 18 of September of 2006 in the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange.

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“Latin America Policies toward China and Impact on US Interests.”

The Argentine American Dialogue Foundation, jointly with the U.S. Embassy, organized last 13 of September a meeting with Mrs. Jane Skanderup, Senior Associate of the Pacific Forum of International the Strategic Training center (CSIS), the thematic "the Policies of Latin America towards China and its impact in the interests of the United States".

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"Investment Strategies for Municipalities"

The Friday 1 of September, at 9:30 hs, took place at the Universidad de Belgrano a work meeting supported by the DAA.

The activity was headed by Mr. Carlos Valderrama, Director of Latin American Operations at the law firm of Carlsmith Ball LLP; and with an extensive experience in public and private field in international commerce and investments.

In the meeting were present students of degree, professors and members of different foundations.

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Conference and Lunch on the subject "Race and Immigration", with Dr. Mitchell Rice

The Argentine American Dialogue and the University of Belgrano, organized an exhibition on the phenomenon of immigration in the U.S.A. and their incidence in the political field. The activity was developed by Dr. Mitchell F. Rice, Director of the Race and Ethnic Studies Institute, and professor of Political Science, of the University of Texas A & M.

The activity, that counted with an important and participative concurrence, was developed August 14, 2006 in the University of Belgrano (UB).

On the following day, a lunch took place in the American club, occasion in which the Dr Rice interchanged opinions and perspectives with several specialists in immigration subjects, security and policy.

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Cocktail in honor of the Ambassador Lino Gutiérrez and his Wife

The Friday 9 of June we had the affability of develop a warm reception for our friend, Mr. Ambassador Lino Gutiérrez, as a small sample of all our gratefulness towards him.

The meeting was coorganized by the Dialogue with the American Club of Buenos Aires, The American Women's Club, The American Society of the River Plate and the Center of American Studies.

More than one hundred people shared a pleasing moment and they offered for the future of our friends and the bilateral relation.

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From left to right: Jorge Castro, Rodolfo Martínez, Luis Ruvira, Ambassador Lino Gutiérrez and Ambassador Robert Feldner.

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Book presentation on Ronald Reagan.

Organized by the Foundation, the presentation of the book "Ronald Reagan - Successes and Controversies", by Marcelo Lascano, was organized at the CARI (Argentine Council for International Relations).
"This book comes to cover an emptiness in Argentina", indicated the Vice-president of the CARI, Adalberto Rodriguez Giavarini. Before personalities of the intellectual and political world, of the President of ICANA, Dr. Federico Pinedo, and members of the financial community, spoke the President of the Dialogue, Luis Ruvira, Rogelio Alonso and the author, who emphasized that the greater triumph of Reagan was to manage to position its country as a superpower without competitors "without shooting a single shot, case without precedents in the history of the humanity".

Our Executive Director returned from the United States.

Eduardo Diez returned from participate in a Summer Seminary of the University of California, San Diego. Denominated "Pac Rim Summer Seminar in U.S. Studies", it took place from the 3 to the 28 of July and was possible thanks to the financing contributed by that university and the Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs of the Department of State.

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The Argentine branch of the Foundation, el Diálogo Argentino Americano, has transferred its facilities to a bigger place, in M.T. de Alvear 590 5º Floor, Capital Federal.

The new telephone numbers are: (54-11) 4 313-7030 and (54-11) 4 312-7623 (Fax).


Synthesis of Argentine and American history

Tucumán Congress

Congress that reunited the representatives of the United Provinces of the Silver River in the present Argentine city of San Miguel de Tucumán. In the session of the 9 of July of 1816, presided by Francisco N. Laprida, it declared independence from the Spanish colonial power ("and from all other foreign domination").

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Signature of the Declaration of Independence.

The 2 of July of 1776, the Congress voted the national independence and the 4 of July approved the Declaration of Independence. Also it ordered to George Washington the recruitment of an army, approved the emission of paper money and created local governments.

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Follow the actuallity of the economies and the value of the currencies.

From here you will be able to consult the value of the two currencies, as also the pages of the respective Ministries of Economy.

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