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"Afghanistan, Pakistan and Middle East: the Challenges of the Foreign Policy of the Obama Administration"

Last 9 of December of 2009 we developed a couple of activities with Dr. Marco Vicenzino, director of the Global Strategy Project (GSP) and chief strategic advisor of the Afghanistan World Foundation.

He covers numerous areas including international conflict and security issues, US foreign policy, terrorism, transatlantic relations, the Middle East, Latin America and the emerging geopolitical role of Asian powers in a globalized world.

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"Human Rights and the Foreign Policy of the Obama Administration"

Tuesday 10 of November was the day when we had the opportunity to organize a meeting with David Rieff, specialist in immigration, international conflict, and humanitarianism.

We share many opinions, doubts and experiences around the world-wide situation of the human rights and the possible positioning of the Obama administration related to this thematic.

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"The Foreign Policy of the Obama Administration: Strategic Challenges and the Situation in the Middle East"

Last 4 and 5 of November our Foundation developed several activities within a program that had as speaker Dr. Jonathan Adelman, professor of the Graduated School in International Studies at the University of Denver.

We visited the Association of Leaders of Companies, the CARI, the Tesa Foundation and also we carried out an encounter at the American Club.

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"Strengthening the Nuclear Nonproliferation Regime: A Blueprint for Progress"

Ambassador Susan Burk, Special Representative of the President Obama for Non Proliferation, spoke at a meeting organized by the Dialogue.

The encounter took place last 27 of October at the University of Belgrano.

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"Organization and Financing of Political Campaigns"

During two intensive days, the Dialogue coordinated several activities with Dr. Michael Hannahan, professor of Political Science of the University of Massachusetts.

We visited the Lebensohn Institute (of the UCR Party), the Hanna Arendt Institute (Civic Coalition Party) and the Movimiento Productivo Argentino (formed by representatives of several parties).

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"Arms Control and Non Proliferation under the Obama administration"

Being the most important civil servant of the USA in visiting our country in the last years, our Foundation had the honor to organize an encounter with Dr. Gary Samore, Special Assistant of President Obama, and White House Coordinator for Arms Control and Weapons of Mass Destruction, Proliferation, and Terrorism.

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"Visit of the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs"

The 26th of May our foundation organizated an activity at the BCRA (Central Bank of the Argentine Republic) motivated by the visit of a delegation of the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs, Georgia Institute of Technology.

The speakers were Alejo Espora (Head of Macroeconomic Analysis) and Diego Elías (Main Analyst of Monetary Conjuncture); who made reference to the “recent and present Macroeconomic and Monetary Indicators” of Argentina.

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Ambassador Wayne and our president, Luis Ruvira, at the cocktail organized for the departure of the U.S. diplomat.

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Lunch of the Day of Independences

Last 7th of July, at the American Club, our Foundation and other institutions organized the traditional meeting in which are celebrated the Independence of the United States (7/4) and Argentina (7/9).
The main speaker was Minister Thomas Kelly, who made reference to the similarities in the birth of the two nations, and counted with the presence of an important amount of outstanding invited.

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Bush Delivers State of Union Address 2008

The U.S. Constitution requires that the president report to Congress "from time to time" on the "State of the Union." This constitutional requirement has evolved into the president's annual State of the Union address, which now serves several purposes. The speech reports on the condition of the United States both domestically and internationally, recommends a legislative agenda for the coming year and gives the president the opportunity to convey personally his vision for the nation.

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The Argentine American Dialogue is developing a series of meetings destined to analyze different aspects of the national and international reality.

In the first two encounter we counted with the exposition of the journalist Nelson Castro and the vice-president candidate Jorge Asís.


Synthesis of Argentine and American history

Tucumán Congress

Congress that reunited the representatives of the United Provinces of the Silver River in the present Argentine city of San Miguel de Tucumán. In the session of the 9 of July of 1816, presided by Francisco N. Laprida, it declared independence from the Spanish colonial power ("and from all other foreign domination").

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Signature of the Declaration of Independence.

The 2 of July of 1776, the Congress voted the national independence and the 4 of July approved the Declaration of Independence. Also it ordered to George Washington the recruitment of an army, approved the emission of paper money and created local governments.

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Follow the actuallity of the economies and the value of the currencies.

From here you will be able to consult the value of the two currencies, as also the pages of the respective Ministries of Economy.

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