Activities 2005

"The Role of the Young people in the present Policy".
Joint event between the AAD Foundation and PENT Foundation

The 6th of October of 2005 were carried out, jointly with the Pent Foundation, a very interesting debate on "the Role of the Young People in the Present Policy".

They were present Mariano Caucino (Coordinator of the Youth of the Group Pampas - Justicialista Party); Maximiliano Ferraro (candidate to national deputy by the ARI in the Capital); Sebastián Florindo (Espacio Abierto); Juan Garberi (first candidate to legislator to Buenos Aires by the MID); Alejandro Grillo (first candidate to legislator by the UCR); Walter Gutiérrez (President of the Youth of the UCEDE party in the province of Buenos Aires); Mariano Luna (President of the Youth of the party Recrear in the province of Buenos Aires); Mariana Orensanz (President of the Youth of the party Compromiso para el Cambio in province of Buenos Aires); Gonzalo Pereyra (Federal Party) and Nicolás Trotta (National Coordinator of the "Young K", Director of the National School of Government).

Ximena Fernández Ordoñez (PENT) and Eduardo Diez(Executive Director of the AAD) acts as coordinators of the debate.

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"The Businesses and the Policy"

The 22th of September of 2005, Dr Frederik Woodbridge, specialist in Commercial International Right exposed before an outstanding group of lawyers, political analysts, directives of different foundations, politicians and members del Judicial Power on the relation between both spheres, including the lobby system that reigns in the United States.

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The Professor Ted Jelen visited us

The 11th of August of 2005 took place a lunch between Ted Jelen, professor of Political Science in the University of Nevada, and specialist in growth and fortification of political parties.

Young leaders, and candidates in the next legislative elections of the parties ARI, Compromiso por el Cambio, Peronist Youth, MID, Federal Party, Recrear, Unión del Centro Democrático and Unión por Todos concurred.

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Breakfast with Edward Garza, ex- Mayor of San Antonio, Texas

The 6th of July of 2005 a breakfast with Edward Garza took place in the UCES (Universidad de Ciencias Empresariales y Sociales). The activitie counted with an important concurrence and the subject of the meeting was "Security and Planning".

Mr. Edward D. Garza was reelected Mayor of San Antonio the 3 of May of 2003 until the 17 of June of 2005, after to have carried out in the same position by two periods.

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"Fighting the Financing of the Terrorism".
Exhibition in charge of high official of the FBI.

Tuesday 21 of June was developed, in the American Club, the dissertation of Special Agent David Strange (Supervisor of the FBI).

Special Agent Strange is at the moment Supervisor in the office of the FBI in San Francisco. In this position he is responsible for the investigations on internal terrorism of the North zone of the state of California. In addition, he is Coordinating the "Joint Tasks Group on Terrorism" of the FBI in San Francisco, where participate more than 20 agencies of the security forces.

Analysts on security issues and representatives of the Embassy of the United States, the Ministry of Justice, different foundations and institutes, the national intelligence service and the Anticorrupción Office attended.

Here you will find all the activities made from April to December of 2005.
Foundation AAD establishes agreement with the "Network Ideas".

The Argentine American Dialogue, and the Network Ideas for the Freedom and the Democracy, decided in the month of July to establish a cooperation mechanism that favors the diffusion of democratic and citizen values.

Annual Cocktail of the Argentine American Dialogue Foundation.

The 13th of December of 2005 our Foundation carried out an important cocktail to celebrate the end of the year. We count with the presence of the Ambassador Lino Gutiérrez, as well with academics, diplomatics, industralists, legislators and members of the Armed Forces, among others.

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The North American branch of the Foundation, the Argentine-American Dialogue, has transferred its facilities to 1801 K Street, PO Box 65085, Washington DC 20035.

The new telephone numbers are: (888) 758-8970 (o) and (703) 790-8485 (F). The President of the American Advisory Council of the Foundation, the Hon. Lyle Williams, continues in front of the Argentine-American Dialogue in the U.S.A.


Present Presidents of Argentina and the United States

Néstor Carlos Kirchner

Born the 25th of February of 1950 in Rio Gallegos, Santa Cruz, assumed the first magistrature the 25th of May of 2003.

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George W. Bush

The 43rd and current President of the United States was born the 6th of July of 1946 in New Haven, Connecticut. He assumed the position the 20th of January of 2001. He was re-elected the 2 of November of 2004 and took oath for a second period the 20 of January of 2005.

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Follow the actuallity of the economies and the value of the currencies.

From here you will be able to consult the value of the two currencies, as also the pages of the respective Ministries of Economy.

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