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Legislative Powers
"Relations between the United States and Latin America"

On November 18th and 20th the Foundation was pleased to have the presence of Dr. William C. Smith, professor at the University of Miami.

A significant number of specialists, academics, Argentine diplomats and foreign politicians, journalists, students and consultants participated in the lively discussion in activities that were developed at the Argentine Catholic University, the Legislators Circle of the Argentine National Congress, the Senate of the Province of Buenos Aires, the American Club, the newspaper "El Día" from La Plata and other prominent places.

"Political Campaigns and Social Media"

In late August Juan Proaño, expert in the use of new technologies in the field of politics, held a series of presentations in a program organized by the Dialogue.

Among the institutions visited were the Argentine Catholic University, the Catholic University of La Plata, the newspaper "El Día" from that city, and the Senate of the Province of Buenos Aires.

"Borges and the American Literature"

On April 23 Silvia Zimmerman del Castillo, disciple and collaborator of Jorge Luis Borges, author and Executive Director of the Club of Rome - Argentine Chapter, spoke about the influence of the American literature on the development of the work of Jorge Luis Borges.

Over 150 people shared an excellent meeting organized by the Dialogue, REAL and the U.S. Embassy in Argentina.

"Workshop on Exports Control for Judges and Prosecutors"

Last November 14 and 15, the United States Department of Justice developed a two-day seminar for judges, prosecutors and investigators from Argentina, to discuss about the complexities of the trade of sensitive and dual-use materials and technologies and about different collaboration programs to deal with those problems.

With those pourposes, a group of more than 20 representatives from the argentine judicial power dialogued with a delegation of several members of the Department of Justice and the FBI of the United States, discussing various mechanisms to enhance non-proliferation control and comparing experiences.

"U.S. Elections 2012: Program in the United States"

Between the 4th and the 9th of November the Dialogue carried out a very intensive program in Washington and Virginia related to the elections in that country; but also to the characteristics of the political, economic and judicial system of the United States, as well as to the relations and interests of that country towards Latin America in general and the Argentina in particular.

Thanks to that, a delegation of prominent leaders of Argentina (national and provincial Senators and Representatives, the President of DAIA (the main jewish organization of the country), directors of NGOs, journalists, etc.) had meetings with prominent personalities, including the Mayor and the President of the City Council of Washington, the Under Secretary of international Trade of the United States (Frank Sanchez), Sonia Sotomayor (Justice of the Supreme Court), the Deputy Assistant Secretary for South America (Kevin Whitaker) and the Principal Deputy Undersecretary for Political-Military Affairs (Thomas Kelly), etc.

"U.S. Elections 2012: Program in Argentina"

September 10th to 14th saw an intense program developed by our Foundation, with the support of the Embassy of the United States, to discuss over the elections that took place in November in the U.S.

During all that week, and with activities in the cities of Buenos Aires, La Plata and Rosario, Professor Jennie Lincoln lectured both in public and private areas on the features that stand out in the election process in the United States.

"The bilateral relation: present and future (Ambassador Jorge Arguello)"

Last 26th of June of 2012, our Foundation organized a lunch with our Ambassador in the USA, Dr. Jorge Arguello, having also the presence of almost 200 people representing our political, economic, academic and diplomactic areas, and also several diplomats for different foreign embassies.

During two intense hours our Ambassador spoke about the present and future of our bilateral relations, as well as different tools and strategies that he is using to fulfil the objetives of our foreign policy towards that country.

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Beginning of the presentation on Borges and American Literature

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Presentations on U.S. and Latin America in Vilnius, Lithuania

Invited by several universities, our Executive Director Eduardo Diez, held in Lithuania a series of presentations about the foreign policy of the USA, and its relationship with Latin America.
Occupying the presidency of the EU during the second half of 2013, the lithuanian interest in other regions focused in this case on the evolution of the relationship between different american countries and between them and the United States.

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Obama Delivers State of Union Address

The U.S. Constitution requires that the president report to Congress "from time to time" on the "State of the Union." This constitutional requirement has evolved into the president's annual State of the Union address, which now serves several purposes. The speech reports on the condition of the United States both domestically and internationally, recommends a legislative agenda for the coming year and gives the president the opportunity to convey personally his vision for the nation.

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The Argentine American Dialogue is developing a series of meetings destined to analyze different aspects of the national and international reality.

In the first encounters we counted with the exposition of the journalist Nelson Castro, the former vice-president candidate Jorge Asís, the former national representative Raúl Baglini, former Minister of Justice Alberto Iribarne, and presidential candidates Ricardo Alfonsín, Elisa Carrio, Eduardo Duhalde and Rodríguez Saa, between other personalities.


Synthesis of Argentine and American history

Tucumán Congress

Congress that reunited the representatives of the United Provinces of the Silver River in the present Argentine city of San Miguel de Tucumán. In the session of the 9 of July of 1816, presided by Francisco N. Laprida, it declared independence from the Spanish colonial power ("and from all other foreign domination").

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Signature of the Declaration of Independence.

The 2 of July of 1776, the Congress voted the national independence and the 4 of July approved the Declaration of Independence. Also it ordered to George Washington the recruitment of an army, approved the emission of paper money and created local governments.

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Follow the actuallity of the economies and the value of the currencies.

From here you will be able to consult the value of the two currencies, as also the pages of the respective Ministries of Economy.

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